Wednesday, April 8, 2009

365 Reasons to Party

So it blows my mind that every day is "National Insert Food Day." Here is a list:
Food Holidays
Not only are there daily food holidays, but food months too. For instance, today is national empanada day and it's grilled cheese month.

Snacking Chef Grilled Cheese - also, the snacking chef proposes that May be Led Zeppelin Month, I'm in.

I just found out January 23rd was national pie day, and I'm pissed I missed it. At least I have national cake day to look forward to on November 26th. And my birthday falls on national Kahlua day and national strawberry day, too bad I didn't celebrate this last birthday with either.

But whatever day it is, there is a food to enjoy. Here is another link for other reasons to party, besides food.
365 Reasons to Party

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