Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Taste of Spring...and spring cleaning

It's sad to say how little I've been cooking, but I'm looking forward to cooking tomorrow for my family. It's supposed to be a beautiful day which calls for being outdoors, grilling some meat and drinking some good beer.
I plan to make a a loaf of white bread which I never do; something light and airy and wonderful. And I'm extra excited because I just cleaned my oven. And I love my oven!! It's one of those necessary evils of spring cleaning, but it's so nice to see the usually crusty greasy enamel surface glistening.

Our house was last remodeled in 1966 and the age is visible in our oven alone.

I thought about painting it but have decided instead to remodel the kitchen around it. It's not just retro, it's a great effing oven. The temperature is perfect which is amazing, but it also has a rotisserie, which is crazy and awesome...and yet to be used.

I digress.

For the menu tomorrow I plan to do filet mignon, some grilled vegetable skewers, and perhaps a pasta salad. Nothing too difficult, but tasty all the same. I want to do something fresh that actually tastes like spring. If anything turns out especially good I'll post the recipes.
Enjoy your Sunday

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